Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Sportsbook Industry: Only the Strong (and the Prepared) Will Survive

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Hello My Friends!

Well, football is finally approaching and The Visionary will be here and will be better then ever, looking to bank big profits for my readers. Showing an overall profit of around 160 units (based on a 1 to 5 unit scale) in the past three seasons (including three straight winning football seasons overall) I feel my readers can see my advice as actually worth something. Therefore, I would like to give my opinion and advice on the state of the online sportsbook industry.

First of off, I would like to say this; Based on what I have heard from higher-ups at the online sportsbooks, it still appears to be safe (for U.S. players) to play at some of the reputable offshore online sportsbooks & racebooks in the industry. However, the truth (that you are not being told) is that, due to the pressure that the U.S. government & President Obama's Department of Justice has put on these books (and the processors that handle their transactions), the cost of doing business (for the books) has increased tremendously. This is making book owners miserable and putting the processors on edge.

Just like any business, industry, sports team, or even life for that matter, there are always "peaks" and "valleys". The ones who prepare for the "valleys" are the ones who are going to still be standing when the proverbial "shit hits the fan". The brands that were fiscally disciplined in past (ie: JustBet, Diamond, Bodog, 5Dimes, Revolution), having prepared for things like this, could now handle the increased cost of doing business. Meanwhile, on the other side of things, the slime books in this industry (BetUS, Sportsbook.com, Gameday) that were operating way beyond their company's means, have either closed up business to new U.S. customers or have begun looking for ways to make up for the losses; where they'll make their customers (players) pay, along with the book's partners/advertisers (so their owners can continue to live the lavish lifestyle they are used to living). Meanwhile, the financially responsible brands that I spoke of before (ie; the ones who have prepared for the "valleys" while the "peaks" were in session), will actually see this as an opportunity.

The reason the honest books will see this as an opportunity is because these companies know that untrustworthy books (and the financially unstable books) will do one (or all) of the following during this hard time;
  1. They will start screwing players, advertisers, and partners (ie; the people who have kept them in business) where the result will be a loss in overall business (to go along with the increased cost of business). Therefore, the players, partners, and advertisers will be looking to work with new, trustworthy books. This will result in an increase in business and an overall increase in company profits (which will help make up for the additional costs of doing business).

  2. They will end up closing up shop. The result will be the same for the books who have prepared for the tough times. Stable brands will see an increase in signups, Person2Person deposits, and affiliate interest, giving them an added customer base and an overall increase in advertiser relationships.
While this industry has seen hard times, there are books that have been financially disciplined through the years and can be trusted with your business (see below). At the same time, there are books that have been the opposite of conservative and haven't kept their fiscal health in mind over the year.

The one brand that I feel was the epitome of irresponsible business practice and should be completely avoided from this day forth is the one and only "BetUS Sportsbook". If you have an account at BetUS, we recommend closing it immediately. We now see how they were able to pay for their ridiculous bonuses, sponsorships, lavish setups as affiliate conferences, spokesmen like Tim Brown (and more). The truth is, they operated above their means. This book, as of recent tried every tactic possible to make up for lost profits; cutting off affiliates, refusing payouts to players, misleading players. However, their attempts were unsuccessful and they completely shut down their affiliate program, fired 90% of their affiliate staff, and cut down their employees. They eventually pulled out of the U.S. market, but waited 60 days to suck up as many players as possible before they finally stop allowing new U.S. signups. However, it appears they are still recording the information of the players they are refusing; meaning they are collecting the information and telling the player they can't have an account. I think this book has shown their true colors and will never be able to restore their reputation. To see some other complaints and warnings about BetUS, see the following links;
Below is my list of quality books that you can trust to handle your football betting this season along with links to the best bonus offers you are going to find for these books.
Any questions pertaining to these books, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to assist you on any matters or contact the book on your behalf.

Note: The books above with a "*" next to their name will provide you with an exclusive customer service agent that will personally handle your account. This is an added perk for being a Visionary blog reader along with bigger and better bonuses.


Anonymous said...

Been following you for many years.I always look at your picks before placing bets.You know what you're doing. Like your commentary re: sports books. I have been w/Sportsbook.com since 2001. No complaints, until most recent withdrawal. Gave a bank card, w/all kind of conditions, fee traps, etc. Card administered in Mexico, and had difficult time getting straight answer.Eventually, got it close to right. Thinking about switching, and your thoughts are very helpful. Play about $300-$500 per weekend on college/pro football. Would you stay w/Sportsbook.com, or switch to another? If switch, which one is best? Any advice would be appreciated.Thanks.
Giant Fan.

The Visionary said...

Hey Giant Fan,

Shoot me an email at; visionarypicks@yahoo.com

I will be more happy to help you out and make sure that you are playing at a real book that actually pays their players if they request a cash-out. We'll also make sure you get a good bonus (if you want one) along with a quality exclusive service agent who will personally take care of you. Send me an email with the subject "Giant Fan Book Help" and I will get be to you right away.

Is that the "New York Giants" or "San Francisco Giants"?

As a New York Giant fan, it must have really been frustrating watching the Eagles sign all those star players during the "one week offseason" while the Giants sat idle....especially when they took your star receiver in Steve Smith. The Giant Wide Receiving core is starting to Look Rather bleak without Smith, no? Hopefully Nix and Manningham can step up and become high value targets for Manning (and Smith doesn't pan out injury wise for the Eagles). Bradshaw out of the backfield should open things for the Giants passing game as usual.

Again, email me right away and I will be more then happy to help!!