Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bounced Payout Checks at Sportsbook.com

There have been hundreds of reports where payout checks from player's Sportsbook.com accounts are bouncing at the bank when they go to deposit their winnings. This has been happening to many players and it has been happening all month during July. This is based on actual evidence and you will not hear about this report on most gambling sites because most of these sites are being paid by sportsbook.com to advertise their product and will cover it up. Yes, even those so called "watchdogs" such as SBR (Sportsbook Review), The RX, and Covers will happily take large money or cash "donations" for good ratings. This has also happened to a personal friend of mine (who makes money betting my picks) along with other acquaintances that I know online. Warning: If you have made a cash-out at Sportsbook.com in the form of a check or any other method, do not spend the money until you are sure the check has cleared and you have the full monetary value in liquid.

Sure, the sportsbook will say to the customer that they will fix it and probably send most of them a new check. But, I guarantee the ones who make a lot of money and don't notice the check bouncing or don't report the issue, won't be getting a new check. Also what about the player who needed that money to pay his bills. Sure, he's an idiot for betting his money that he needs to live, but he's screwed until he gets his new check from "The Worlds Largest Sportsbook (that's short on cash)". I wonder if sportsbook.com will reimburse him the late fees on his bills and the bank fee for depositing a bounced check.

If anyone has any reports of sportsbook issues or problems with any online sportsbook, please report them to me and I will be happy to look into the issue for you as I do have some connections out there and I also know the sports betting industry very well. I will be happy to post and share any major findings with the general public of any wrongdoings or scams by the major sportsbook conglomerates. These companies make millions of dollars from the US betting public and there is nobody truly monitoring or any standards over these outfits. These companies do not need to and should not be ripping off players.

Also, If anyone needs some additional advice or information regarding the sportsbooks in the industry today or just needs help selecting a sportsbook, please be sure to contact me and I will be more then happy to share my extensive knowledge and give you honest opinions and practical advice.

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DCB said...

Who can I contact? I am having problems just getting a check from sportsbook. Can you help?


Anonymous said...

I have been having major problems. I requested a check on July 19th. They keep telling me three weeks and I get the standard form responses to all my complaints. They claim they have a new processor and they are now dealing with the backlog. As far as I'm concerned, they're crooks. Everyone should steer clear of sportsbook.com

Anonymous said...

Please check out the forum at pokerplayersalliance.org


We are also monitoring the situation at sportsbook.com

Waiting over four months for two payouts

The Visionary said...

Thank you, imger8. Players who are having trouble with sportsbook.com, I recommend checking out the Poker Players Alliance thread above. This is a very honest and trustworthy organization that I highly respect. The PPA is also making tremendous strides in the fight for legalization of online gambling. Although I do wish they would include sports and casino betting in their language when fighting to legalize online betting, I understand that getting one form legalized is the first step in making changes to the way our lawmakers look at online betting as a whole. As always, I would appreciate the same support of this blog from the PPA for allowing the posting of links and promotion of their forums in this thread.

The Visionary said...

To All Other Readers:

I am in the process of adding my recommended sportsbook reviews and bonus information from trustworthy books. In the future, I will be able to directly assist players and getting sportsbook issues resolved. At the present time, I do not have all the resources that I need to make this happen. More importantly, I do not have the time. Any full support of this blog from it's readers will lead to this type of service and support from The Visionary. I can only provide what I can manage, at the same time being able to live my life.

Anonymous said...

Add me to this ever growing list of people who cannot get their money from this fraud sportsbook. Still getting the neverending run around.

Anonymous said...

Diddo - I just had a check bounced. This site is a fraud! Gamblers beware.

Anonymous said...

i've been trying to get $500 out of my sportsbook.com account for about a year now. it takes months to actually get a check from these people. the last 2 that i have received have bounced. my bank charges me $10 each time.

The Visionary said...

Hey man,

Sorry for your troubles, man. I wish there was more I can do for you. However, I never worked with this book as I never trusted them.

I would suggest calling them at the time your final check arrives to ask them if it will clear before you cash it. I processor may get raided during the delivery of your check. But, I don't think that's the case anymore as I think they are just doing it to delay payments.

Also, when you cash the check wait to see if it clears before spending any of the money. This is obvious. Just reminding you as some people don't know to do this.

If there is anything else that I can do to help or if you have any other questions, you can email me at visionarypicks(AT)yahoo.com. I will be happy to help and provide you with any information that I can provide.

For trustworthy books, here are my recommendations at the moment (must use links below for these bonuses);

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-The Visionary

Anonymous said...

Wow! I have to say this is bad business. Sportsbook.com bounced a check on me for 1,450.00. I got on the phone and called the Bank of Montreal (check was drawn off of), and they told me the company "canada INC." (processor) closed the account. I went a couple steps further, and found out that the business is located in W. bloomfield, Michigan. I then called the operator and got the processors name and address and real phone number. Let's just say after a 15 minute barrage of "F" bombs were exchanged, I got a call from Sportsbook.com pleading and telling me to stop and they would send my money Western Union. You have to put your foot down hard and follow up. They have paid me, but they will not let me gamble on their site anymore.

The Visionary said...

Hey Anonymous,

I highly suggest using the links in my comment above (dated 3-15-09) if you need a good book. If you need any help at all, please do not hesitate to email me. I will be happy to take care of you. I have access to better contacts and better bonus ffers at the best books on the web (offers better then SBR and covers). I will put you in touch with exclusive service reps at these books as well. Please contact me if you need anything.