Sunday, November 2, 2008

Visionary's Week 9 NFL Football Picks

2008 MLB Baseball Picks Record: 77-56 (+92.65 Units / 58%)
2008-09 NCAA Football Picks Record: 54-49 (+3.80 Units / 52%)
2008-09 NFL Football Picks Record: 47-35 (+27.00 Units / 57%)
2008-09 NHL Hockey Picks Record: 5-3 (+1.25 Units / 63%)
2008-09 NBA Basketball Picks Record: 1-5 (-14.50 Units / 17%)
2008-09 College Basketball Picks Record: 0-0 (+0.00 Units)
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Hello Football Bettors:

Sorry guys, I had no luck on Saturday as I dropped 2.2 units from the small bankroll. I really thought that Wake Forest would be able to handle Duke and complete the sweep on the big plays. I really don't exactly know what I was thinking with UAB. But, Texas A&M and Tech were nice calls. I just couldn't follow them with anything.

Anyway, I feel good about my Sunday card and the NFL has been good to me this year. I got a nice big card of NFL picks for week 9. I have a few systems and strategies that point to a few anti-public moves today which I feel should give us a nice profit. Let's give these a 'go' for Sunday...

Visionary's Sunday NFL Football Picks

Pick: Miami Dolphins +4 (NFL)
Value: 5 Unit Play @ 4:05pm (ET)

Pick: Baltimore Ravens +2.5 (NFL)
Value: 4 Unit Play @ 1:00pm (ET)

Pick: St. Louis Rams +3 (NFL)
Value: 3 Unit Play @ 1:00pm (ET)

Pick: Green Bay Packers +4.5 (NFL)
Value: 3 Unit Play @ 1:00pm (ET)

Pick: Indianapolis Colts -6 (NFL)
Value: 2 Unit Play @ 8:15pm (ET)

Pick: Central Florida Knights +5 (CFB)
Value: 2 Unit Play @ 8:15pm (ET)

(Visionary's daily free sports picks are rated on a 1 to 5 unit scale)

Got another nice play for Monday Night which I will post tomorrow....

Best of Luck!

-The Visionary

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