Friday, April 15, 2011

Note From The Visionary: Will Return on 5/1/2011

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to let my readers, followers, and fellow sports bettors know what is going on and why The Visionary hasn't been posting lately.

Since starting this blog in the Summer of 2008, I feel I have given you my best work and kept my readers in the black with my sports picks. I want to always bring my best and make sure you are getting quality plays. As you may have noticed, I hit a bit of a slump in March 2011 and during the NCAA tournament. This hasn't been my best work at all. I was not the least bit pleased with my performance over the past month or so.

So, after hitting this bad stretch, I felt that I needed to take some time. I also haven't taken a break (longer then a few days) since starting this blog in 2008. A short hiatus to regroup and prepare for the baseball season was well overdue.

Furthermore, I'm also a lot better at Major League Baseball handicapping when the teams have gone through their rotations at least two or three times. I really like to have seen a good month's worth of MLB action before doing any baseball betting. So, I am planning to take the next week to prepare and test some systems. As I said before, I want to give you guys my best stuff and I feel I haven't been doing that as of recent. Also Note: My best baseball season (in three seasons) was in 2008 when I started in late May.

With that being said, I do plan on having another great MLB season in 2011, as I did last season (+43.35 Units) and in 2008 (+92.65 Units). So, I will tally everything up since my last record update and get started with my 2011 baseball picks as well as some NBA playoff picks at the beginning of May.

Again, I will return May 1st with more winning free sports picks for 2011-12...Make sure to be following me on May 1st as I plan to bank some big profits this year in the bases.

Your Friend & Free Sports Handicapper,
-The Visionary