Monday, January 26, 2009

Superbowl Party Prop Game From Bodog

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Superbowl Party Prop Game Printout
Click Here To View The Prop Game Printout (PDF File)

I received this compliments of my contact at Bovada Sportsbook and I thought you all might enjoy this. This is a game which features about 20-25 proposition bet questions, each worth a certain amount of points. Print out a bunch of copies for everyone at your party. Then, have each one of your friends throw a few bucks into the pot and fill out the prop sheet. Whoever gets the highest total score at the end of the Superbowl wins the game. The prop bet game should make your superbowl party more interesting and enjoyable. It will also assist in shutting up that annoying non-football fan who only watches one game a year (you know the type) and brings his girlfriend to the party. This will get them to actually pay attention to the game instead of just the stupid commercials. Check it out. You can print out the sheet by clicking here. Enjoy!

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-The Visionary

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Heath said...

this is an awesome sheet. thanks very much for posting!

The Visionary said...


My pleasure. Hope it makes your Superbowl party more enjoyable.