Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Response To Mr. Anonymous About BetUS

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Recently a new reader of the Visionary’s blog (named "BD") posted a comment on one of my posts asking for my advice on a sportsbook. The book he was asking about is a book that I have yet to work with directly. This is also a book that I do plan on working with in the future and doing some research about the book on my own. But, they are one of the few books that I don’t have much experience with in my 10 years of working in this industry.

So, I told BD that I really couldn’t provide him with any extensive information about the book. I then and pointed him to my top sportsbook recommendation,
BetUS which offers my readers 100% bonus by using any link on this site. They also offer my readers personal service and a dedicated customer service agent who I believe is one of the best in the industry. They have provided excellent service for the Visionary’s players and have taken good care of us. BetUS was also awarded the 2008 Sportsbook of the Year award from the 2008 Online Gambling Insider Awards which are voted on by the people. I personally use this book and I believe that right now, they are the strongest book on the web for many many reasons. They are what sports betting on the web should be in my opinion. So, my advice to BD was to play here.

However, one of the most ignorant posters I have ever seen since starting this blog, did not like my recommendation. This anonymous had some idiotic and ignorant comments about my advice. He debating my recommendation this based on what he reads at another website, “S.B.R. (SportsbookReview)”, who gives one of my sportsbook recommendations a very astute and detailed (sarcasm) “C-“ rating. However, I didn’t have time to rebut the lifeless comments from “Mr. Anonymous”, so I just continued to delete them. He seems to think that I am doing this because I have something to hide, when this couldn't be the furthest from the truth.

Anyway, aside from a variety of personal issues, this user has a problem with my sportsbook recommendations. I am writing this post in response to this annoying anonymous user. Here are his comments;

Comment #1 (Deleted):

How can you promote a book that has been given a C- by SBR? I don't have to go past the first page on SBR's forum to see complaints about this book."at a book that never has problems paying their players promptly" I'm sorry but you lose any credibility saying that and trumpeting a joke sportsbook like BetUS.

Comment #2 (Deleted):

BD if you are looking for a good sportsbook go here: (POSTS URL TO SBR SITE) The "Visionary" must be getting a fat bonus to shill for a C- book.

Comment #3:

Why do you keep deleting my comments about BetUS? One would think you don't want your readers knowing you are promoting a book that is WELL-KNOWN as below average. Why don't you tell people they have been given a C- by SBR? I am not saying anything wrong or deragatory. I'm not swearing. Why don't you let it be known you shill for a C- book? Let people decide for themselves with ALL AVAILABLE INFO where they should deposit their money.

My Response:

First of all, I believe BD asked for my recommendations and my advice. He did not ask for your advice and for your link to SBR. If he wanted your suggestions, he would have said, “Any losers have any links to review sites that tout sportsbooks?"

Second, I will continue deleting your comments because they are useless and extremely ignorant; especially when I don’t have time to point out the ignorance and foolishness of them. You expect me to just sit back and let you trash my excellent recommendations because some other review site gives them a bad rating. Think again.

As far as SBR goes, I do not support "SBR" in anyway. I could care less what "SBR" has to say about the books on the web today, especially my recommendations. They are some of the most corrupt ratings out there. If you think that SBR doesn't take money from the books that they recommend as their "A+" books, you are sadly mistaken. I have been working in this industry for over 10 years and I know what I am talking about. I have followed up for a lot of players about problems with sportsbooks. There is a lot that goes into it and it's a lot of work. It's unbelievable that this false sense of entitlement has been given to SBR by people like yourself who are lining the site owner's pockets. I find it amazing that people actually believe that SBR is the #1 sportsbook review site and are above-all final verdict on sportsbook recommendations without doing any research of their own.

FYI: If you submit a complaint to SBR about one of their A+ rated books, they wouldn't do a single thing about it because they are the books that are paying them the most money. Send them an email with a complaint about a sportsbook. If you want me to pull some legitimate complaints about some books from my email, I will gladly do so and you can send them to SBR. I guarantee they will not follow up with you. You know why? Because people like you have made them out to be a god-like sportsbook review site. You just blindly assume that SBR is great and my recommendations are bad which is completely ignorant.

I am just not going to let you blindly trash a quality book like
BetUS. SBR along with other sites that aren't getting big prepaid advertising dollars from them already do that. BetUS has been one of the best books (if not, the best book) in the industry over the past two years, by far. That's exacly why they received the 2008 Sportsbook of the Year award from the Online Gambling Insider Awards, which are voted on BY THE PEOPLE (NOT RATED BY SBR - NON-PAID RATINGS). So, it’s obviously not “WELL-KNOWN as below average” like you said. Maybe it's "well-known" in your little corner of the world, where a bunch of people in the SBR forums push their sponsors for them.

SBR hasn't changed their rating since
BetUS was under different management years ago. There was once a time when BetUS had second class software and a second class staff. But, those days are long gone.

I am basing my reviews on what I have seen in this industry and based on users that I know. I have received many emails about from users who I referred to
BetUS who have told me that they love the book and I have also not received a single complaint about them. Payouts are arriving on time to users and credit card deposits are going through at the highest rate on the web. They also continue to improve their software and their betting options. They are now offering in-game lines which actually change in-between plays. Many users have also told me that my VIP customer service rep. is outstanding and the best they have ever worked with. I personally use this book, and agree with everyone that has contacted me and thanked me for pointing them in the right direction. Unlike SBR, if a customer has a complaint about one of my recommendations, I will gladly investigate. But again, I have not had to do this for a single player that I have referred to BetUS. Until, I see a reason to do otherwise, I will keep recommending them to my loyal players and visitors who I thank so much. Unlike you, who just automatically gives a book a bad rating based on a single page on a review site, I take pride in my recommendations and my blog.

BetUS could easily change their rating at SBR. All it will take is for the BetUS marketing department to cut them a check. But, they market the right way and honest way; by taking care of affiliates like myself and letting their service do the talking. Not by paying for good marks from sites like SBR and TheRX.

Again, I have worked in this industry for a long time. Some of the best marketing people and service reps. in the industry were poached from other books such as Bodog, and are now working at

I don't even know why I am bothering with you. I don't need some anonymous and ignorant poster arguing with my sportsbook recommendations based on some biased review site. If you want to review the sportsbooks on the web today, post your own blog and post your own reviews. But, you'll have to get your own feedback and come up with your own independent investigation and reviews, which means not prejudging books based on what other websites have to say. I am probably just going to delete your anonymous comments when you try to nit-pick my post; a post which actually provides good information, unlike the SBR link that you tired to post which lists a few links to sportsbooks and a bunch of letters next to them: "A" and "A+".

The people who read this blog come here because they trust my recommendations and want to see what i have to say. They don't come here for anonymous users trying to shoot my recommendations down and trashing my plays. So, now that I've explained to you why you are fool, you can leave...troll.

Boy, I never thought posting a free picks blog and trying to help people free of charge would make me so bitter. But, the ignorance is just way too overwhelming.

-The Visionary

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Anonymous said...

Amazing how you type so much but say so little. Even if SBR only rates books an A if they pay them, which is completely irrelevant to this, what about ALL of the books with B ratings? Do every single one of those books pay SBR for a B? I find that hard to believe, so why can't BetUS get at least a B? You say books only get good ratings on SBR if they pay, but that's WRONG.

And you say management has changed since at least two years ago. OK, well how about another review of the sportsbook? http://www.sportsgamblingreview.com/betus.htm gives BetUS ONE star out of FIVE, which is even worse than SBR. Is SGR a joke site that BetUS isn't paying off, also?

You want to tear down SBR's credibility but claim the OGI award is flawless. I'm sorry but any site that gives sportsbook.com 4.5 stars and recommends them has ZERO credibility. Sportsbook.com has stolen MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from their players. End.

Anonymous said...

Also, you say SBR hides its A books from hate? Please read this thread I readily found on the FIRST page of the SBR forums. You are ill-informed when it comes to SBR.


BetOnline is A- on SBR.

The Visionary said...

This is exactly what I was talking about when I said you would nit-pick my post.

To answer you first paragraph. The books who get B ratings are just ratings. They have to rate the books somewhere. I don't see your point here. SBR hasn't changed their rating of BetUS in years, if at all.

"You say books only get good ratings on SBR if they pay, but that's WRONG."

No, That's RIGHT! BetUS could get their SBR rating up. All they have to do is pay up and spend time kissing up to their webmasters and they get bumped up immediately. That's FACT.

I never claimed OGI was flawless. Find the quote where I said that. I simply said that their yearly awards are voted on by the people, which they are. The people voted BetUS "Sportsbook of the Year".

The article you pointed to at this URL; http://www.sportsgamblingreview.com/betus.htm 207/03/31. This article is just under two year old is discussing books that don't even exist anymore. This site takes money just as SBR does. They all do!

Sportsbook.com is a crap book. See my previous posts regarding sportsbook.com. However, SBR has given poor books good ratings as well. They have given good marks to books that have went under.

The fact is that I provided you quality information about BetUS. Information that I know is fact. However, you on the other hand get all your information from a single site that simply just touts their biggest sponsors. All those sponsors pay SBR big money.

See, you can't even fit everything you want to say in one post. This is exactly why I keep deleting your posts; becuase you don't stop. I am not going to just let you continue to rip my recommendations. I am sure I have deleted posts of you ripping my picks on a losing day as well.

You posted a link to a guy with a problem with BetOnline. Look at all the time the mods and users took fixing this issue, solving the problem, and defending the book. They could do the same in some of the negative posts regarding BetUS where the issues aren't even as serious. But, they don't. They just tell the user to bet somewhere else because BetUS has a bad rating. You can clearly see it. All the users in the forum are in their boat and they are steering.