Sunday, December 14, 2008

Visionary's Week 15 NFL Football Picks

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Hello Everyone:

I don't know about you guys, but I am already missing college football Saturday in a big way. Yesterday was a very boring sports day in my opinion. Perhaps it was that I had a push on the day as far as my betting goes. But, I was having more fun breaking down NFL statistics then I was watching some of these lame college basketball games. Perhaps it will pick up when the major conference play begins. But, yesterday was a snoozer....

Finally some more football action today! I worked really hard on my NFL handicapping this weekend and came up with a very big card of all dogs and totals. Therefore, there will be no hoops until Monday as I have a lot on the line in the NFL.

Football will be completely over very soon. Before you know it, we'll be at the exciting days of Summer, which means listening to Yankee fans talk about their 300 million dollar payroll while gloating about beating the Devil Rays. Can't wait. Major League Baseball is a complete joke. Anyway, here we go for week 15. Enjoy...

Visionary's Sunday Week 15 NFL Picks:

Pick: Giants @ Cowboys Under 45 (NFL)
Value: 5 Unit Play

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs +5.5 (NFL)
Value: 4 Unit Play

Pick: Detroit Lions +17 (NFL)
Value: 4 Unit Play

Pick: Packers @ Jaguars Over 45 (NFL)
Value: 3 Unit Play

Pick: Cincinnati Bengals +7 (NFL)
Value: 2 Unit Play

Pick: San Francisco 49ers +6.5 (NFL)
Value: 1 Unit Play

(Visionary's daily free sports picks are rated on a 1 to 5 unit scale)

By the way, I have a huge side and total play for Monday night!!

See you all tomorrow. Good Luck!

-The Visionary

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Anonymous said...

If you have the Monday night play already, why not post it now as well, unless you expect the lines to move favorably in the next 24 hours.

The Visionary said...


You'll just have to check back for the play tomorrow.


The Visionary said...

What? No props for this dominating card??