Monday, October 20, 2008

Visionary's Week 7 Monday Night Football Picks

2008 MLB Baseball Picks Record: 76-54 (+92.65 Units / 58%)
2008-09 NCAA Football Picks Record: 43-41 (-3.50 Units / 51%)
2008-09 NFL Football Picks Record: 42-32 (+23.90 Units / 57%)
2008-09 NHL Hockey Picks Record: 1-0 (+2.00 Units / 100%)
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That was the biggest disaster of a weekend and there isn't much more to say about it. I dumped over 20 units to the 'United Bookmakers of Costa Rica' fund and watched play after play go down the tubes. I am going to be honest, I really didn't spend a lot of time going over the Monday Night matchup on Sunday evening, but I broke it down as best I could. For those who care, this is what I went with for Monday...

Visionary's Monday Night Football Picks

Pick: Denver Broncos +3 (NFL)
Value: 3 Unit Play

Pick: Broncos @ Patriots Under 48.5 (NFL)
Value: 1 Unit Play

(The Visionary's daily free sports picks are rated on a 1-5 unit scale)

That's all for me today.....

-The Visionary


Anonymous said...

So in other words it looks like we should take the Patriots and the over? haha

Just kidding... rough weekend man. get some sleep, get your mind off football and come back next week with a vengence.

Anonymous said...

Still have the confidence in you. It happens,and anyone that plays regularly knows it. All over Denver tonight. NYGiantFan

Anonymous said...

Sit a few plays out, dude.

mistermark said...

Sit a few plays out? I respectfully disagree... its just variance.. Sitting a few plays out is giving up on +EV bets. And it is well proven the vis is making +ev bets!!! A good bet is a good bed, win or lose. Keep up the good work vis.

The Visionary said...

OK. Here it is...

Yes, it has been an extremely difficult weekend. There is absolutely no question about that. But, everyone who reads this blog should know that I am playing these games myself as well. Therefore, when I hit rough patches, I feel the effects on my bankroll as well. But, I manage my handicapping/gambling money and I never bet money that I can't afford to lose. I know there are going to be peaks and valleys along the course of a season, and I have built enough of a bankroll and I manage my money, where the cold streaks do not hurt me.

I am posting my picks for every game that I bet free of charge on this blog. If anyone chooses not to play them, they do not have to. But, I will continue to post every single play that I move on. So, need not worry mistermark, NYGiantFan, and anyone else who still wants the picks, I will continue to post my daily plays. For the guys that are kind enough to leave words of encouragement when we hit the valleys, I appreciate your support very much.

I will also say this; I am still up overall this football season and I am over 50% on the year. That's a lot better then 90-95% of football bettors and handicapping services in the world.

For the guys that no longer want to play my picks, I am not going to attempt to convince you otherwise. Nobody is forcing you to play these picks.

-The Visionary