Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Visionary Is Taking The Day Off

2008 MLB Baseball Picks Record: 75-53 (+93.65 Units / 59%)
2008 NFL Football Picks Record: 41-27 (+40.70 Units / 60%)
2008 NCAA Football Picks Record: 39-34 (+1.30 Units / 53%)
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Hello Visionary Fans:

The Visionary is taking the day off today. I do not really like tonight's NLCS Game 5 matchup at all, and after last night's 2-unit loss, I think this is the perfect time to take a day off.

For anyone waiting for NHL picks, I will occasionally post NHL picks (less then a few per week) once the regular season gets into second gear.

For those of you waiting for NBA picks, I do not play NBA preseason basketball and will not have any NBA plays until the regular season begins.

Anyway, see you all tomorrow with some college football picks.

-The Visionary


Stro said...

Enjoy the day off.

The Visionary said...

Thanks Stro!

It actually feels nice to watch a game that I don't have a rooting interest in. It's a rare thing for me. Be back tomorrow with a play for perhaps, both of the college football matchups. Have a good night.

-The Visionary