Friday, October 24, 2008

NHL & College Football Picks For Friday

2008 MLB Baseball Picks Record: 77-55 (+94.65 Units / 59%)
2008-09 NCAA Football Picks Record: 45-42 (-1.80 Units / 52%)
2008-09 NFL Football Picks Record: 43-33 (+21.60 Units / 57%)
2008-09 NHL Hockey Picks Record: 3-2 (+0.00 Units / 60%)
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Good Afternoon Everyone:

We gave two-units back on Thursday night as I really thought that the first quarter pace was going to continue in the New Mexico @ Air Force game. Anyway, I have done my examination of tonight's W.A.C. Conference match-up and I really think that there is a big mistake in the number here. I also feel the public has a slight misconception about Boise State's overall talent level. Believe it or not, I really think Boise State is actually a better team then a lot of people think. I am really hoping to get the weekend started off on the right foot with this big 4-unit play in tonight's college football match-up. I am also putting in one 2-unit play in the NHL for Friday. I know that I said that I wouldn't be posting anymore NHL picks until next week, but I just had to play this one along with my big college football play for tonight.

Again, I am very excited for the weekend and for Saturday's college football action as I am expecting a very profitable next few days. I hope my readers didn't lose their faith as it really seems like the comments have been non-existent lately. This Visionary will keep on griding out profits and I am hoping that I can make some money for some other people in the process.

Visionary's Friday NHL & NCAA Football Picks

Pick: Boise State Broncos -7 (CFB)
Value: 4 Unit Play

Pick: New York Rangers -110 (NHL)
Value: 2 Unit Play

(Visionary's daily free sports picks are rated on a 1 to 5 unit scale)

I will see you all late night tonight or tomorrow morning with a winning Saturday card!

Good Luck Everyone!

-The Visionary


Stro said...

Still with ya visionary. Keep it up.

The Visionary said...

Hey Stro,

Nice to hear from you. If Boise State doesn't put this game away soon, I am going to be tossing my two thousand dollar television out the window. By the way, I will have Saturday's card posted about a half hour after the Boise State game.

-The Visionary

Anonymous said...


Thanks for everything you do on this site. Keep grinding it out, although it's been rough lately I believe you've weathered the storm. Anyway, looking forward to your picks tonight!