Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Visionary's MLB Picks For Tuesday

2008 MLB Baseball Picks Record: 59-45 (+70.70 Units / 57%)
2008 NFL Football Picks Record: 27-16 (+30.10 Units / 63%)
2008 NCAA Football Picks Record: 18-15 (+1.30 Units / 55%)

Morning Sports Bettors,

Alright, well we picked up a small profit on Monday, although my total plays were completely off. One thing is for sure, the Eagle defense is not the same defense that it was two years ago when they had Trotter, Kerse, Lito Sheppard, etc.

Hopefully the day off from the gridiron will help as I am drawing up some new systems and going over the college and NFL football schedule very early in the week. I plan to seriously alter and turn around the results from last weekend and make us some money again this week. But again, losing weekends do happen and it's completely impossible to go 100%. I hope most of my readers understand that and are willing to stick out the tough weekends. But, you can correct me if I am wrong, but there is still 100 units of total profit up there on the record, is there not? I must be doing something right.

The goal in handicapping should be to make the hot streaks last longer then the cold streaks. It should always feel like work and feel as if you a griding out profits. There's no free lunch unless someone is willing to do the handicapping for you. That's where I come in guys. And, I am telling you that this is a fact; most sports services out there do not handicap at all. They spend way too much time on marketing to actually research games. They just throw plays out there for you to buy. Every last play that I post on here, I personally wager my own money on. So, when I am not winning, I am just as (if not more) unsatisfied as you are and nobody wants to turn things around more then I do.

Let's try to get a few units back in the bases tonight. No big plays for Tuesday. Here are this evenings Major League Baseball picks...

Visionary's Tuesday Major League Baseball Picks:

Pick: Kansas City Royals -110 (MLB)
Value: 3 Unit Play

Pick: Cleveland Indians +1.5 +100 (MLB)
Value: 3 Unit Play

Pick: Pittsburgh Pirates +1.5 +100 (MLB)
Value: 2 Unit Play

Pick: Philadelphia Phllies -130 (MLB)
Value: 1 Unit Play

(The Visionary's free sports picks are rated on a 1-5 unit scale)

Good Luck Tonight!

-The Visionary


Anonymous said...

That KC play looks a tad overconfident, I'm going with the M's. Morrow's first start was a bit lucky, the second a bit unlucky, but if he pitches to his ability, he can easily dispatch the Royals for 6-7 innings, before Washburn comes in an pitches a inning or two and Putz finishes them. Even the Mariners tepid offense can score at least 3-4 against Duckworth who is worse than replacement level pitching.

By the way, with the Champions League starting, do you expect to do any soccer predictions? Soccer lines, in my opinion, the least accurate of the major sports providing for good betting. I've already won a few units on today's games.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess Morrow isn't ready yet.

The Visionary said...

Hey Willmore,

You do realize that Seattle is probably the worst team in Major League Baseball, don't you? For some reason you talk about them like they are better then the Royals. You shouldn't, because they're not. They're an absolutely pathetic baseball team. 'Tepid' doesn't describe the Seattle offense. 'Putrid' or 'hideous' probably fits them better. You just went against me in favor of a team with 96 losses, had lost 5 in a row, and was starting a 24 year old who has only started one game in his two year career. Thanks for the vote of confidence buddy.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they have the worst record in baseball, probably on par with Washington and the Padres in actual team ability.

However, the reason for the Mariners being bad did not directly affect last night's game. The Mariners are bad because most of their rotation is probably the worst in baseball over the last 20 years. The other part - Hernandez, and now Morrow, are not that bad.

What's more, I did say that the Mariners would be able to score 3-4 runs on the Royals, and they did, because Duckworth sucks, but they made him look good last night. Ibanez and Ichiro didn't show up, that was part of the problem. The other part was Morrow. He's still not ready to start. I thought that this being his third start, he would have had enough time to get back into the rhythm. Lincecum was dominating opposing teams by his third start and they were from the same draft (not proper analysis, just an observation).

Clearly Morrow isn't ready, and not worth betting on for the rest of the year, however I felt that he was more than able to dominate the inept Royals offense that made Carlos Silva look good. I was wrong, you were right.