Monday, July 28, 2008

MLB Baseball Picks: Monday, July 28, 2008

Good Morning Sports Bettors:

I hope everyone had a good weekend. If you played with me, you had a profitable one. I said our goal for Sunday was to grind out a winning day, which we did, going 2-1 (+1.25 units). However, yesterday I made my first "Blog Boo Boo" of my blog posting career. In fact, I made two of them. The first mistake wasn't that bad which was me accidentally deleting Saturday's plays post. However, the current record is still up to date and all plays are included. The second error was a big one as the White Sox were only supposed to be a 3 unit play. When I said that we didn't want to press or get greedy on Sunday, that didn't mean that we should play a 5-unit pick. I apologize as Sunday should have been a much more profitable day for you all, instead of just picking up 1.25 units. We should have picked up 4.25 units. I bet the game according to how I played them, but I apologize for that mistake. I am not sure how many readers I have right now anyway. I would feel a lot worse if we had a lot and we didn't win the other two 3-unit plays. I hope that we get more readers soon as I have been destroying my sportsbooks. My BetUS account has reached it's highest balance in over 2 years. Remember that you can get a 100% bonus ($100 to $500) exclusively at BetUS from The Visionary if you signup at BetUS using this link and mention The Visionary's blog when registering. This is an exclusive bonus not offered on many other sites. If you need help with getting you 100% bonus, you can contact me at VisionaryPicks (AT) First person to post a commen on this blog gets a special treat from the Visionary!

2008 MLB Current Record: 18-13 (+22.55 Units)

Monday's Major League Baseball Picks:

Pick: Kansas City Royals +1.5 -180 (MLB)
Value: 4 Unit Play

Pick: Baltimore Orioles +165 (MLB)
Value: 3 Unit Play

Pick: Boston Red Sox -1.5 +155 (MLB)
Value: 2 Unit Play

(The Visionary's free baseball picks are rated on a 1-5 unit scale)

Don't worry. The values above are correct today ; )

Good Luck & Play Winners Only on Monday Night!

-The Visionary

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