Monday, July 14, 2008

Fans Rally In Support of Farve

ESPN - Rally held to pressure Packers to reinstate Favre - NFL

How pathetic are these idiots. Do they really think that they are going to make a difference? Seriously, get a life!

I am growing a greater respect for Arron Rodgers. In a time where athletes demand trades, complain to the media, and just flat out whine when thing don't go their way, Arron Rodgers has had hundreds reasons to complain. He really has handled the whole 'Brett Favre three-year retirement flip-flop' with nothing but class.

In response to more never-ending Brett Favre retirement nonsense:

"It's always difficult when your name is in the media all the time and there's a lot of speculation about different things,"

"I'm just trying to enjoy the weekend...I'm just focused on that, on working out and going back to Green Bay next week for training camp."

I give him a lot of credit and his programmed responses to this whole thing (which has to be driving him crazy) says a lot about his character. I really do believe this guy will be a special Quarterback when given the opportunity to show the Packers what he can do.

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