Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve & New Years Day Bowl Picks

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Another 2-1 (+2.7 unit) day... My readers have been very quiet lately and I have not seen any comments in the past 2 months or so. All the while I have been absolutely dominant this football season. Can I get a New Year's Eve "hallelujah" comment from a few of my fans so I know you are out there?? please?? LOL. I've been doing nothing but giving you free winners and I don't hear a peep from anyone. I know there are readers out there as I get at least 20 new visitors a day searching Google for "Visionary Sports Picks" and I am winning on a regular basis. So, please just humor me and leave a New Years comment so I know there are some smart players checking my picks. Otherwise, I feel this blog is a waste of my time. (it doesn't make me much money at all guys)

Anyway, below you will find all my bowl plays for New Years Eve and New Years day. I will not be posting again until Saturday night. These are all the plays I'm playing for today and tomorrow. This card includes a BIG 5-Unit play in the Outback Bowl and a 4-unit play in the Rose Bowl...

Free Bowl Picks For New Years Eve & New Years Day:
(The Visionary's Plays Are Rated On A 1 to 5 Unit Scale)

Outback Bowl Bowl Free Pick
Pick: Penn State Nittany Lions +7.5 (CFB)
Value: 5 Unit Play

Rose Bowl Free Pick
Pick: Wisconsin Badgers +3 (CFB)
Value: 4 Unit Play

Cotton Bowl Free Pick
Pick: Northwestern Wildcats +9 (CFB)
Value: 3 Unit Play

Car Care Bowl Free Pick
Pick: South Florida Bulls +6 (CFB)
Value: 3 Unit Play

Sun Bowl Free Pick
Pick: Notre Dame vs. Miami Over 47 (CFB)
Value: 2 Unit Play

Best of Luck My Friends!

Your Friend & Free Sports Handicapper,

  • "The Visionary"


Anonymous said...

Thanks your the man...keep up the good work...dadhoude

Anonymous said...

going big with you today!

Anonymous said...

Great job all season. Good Luck and Happy New Year!

The Visionary said...

Thanks guys. Hoping the Irish kick a Field Goal here to put the cap on my 2-0 day. And they are kicking it right now.....aaaand,,, they banged it home...2-0!

The Visionary said...

Freaking McGloin Killed Our Perfect New Years!!!

Anyway...Solid Profit!

NFL coming shortly...Small card..


Anonymous said...

Just proving you do have readers. Happy New Year!