Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Visionary's Wednesday Night MLB Total

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Hey everyone. Hope you are having a good week. Weekend is almost here. We are just three short days away from another weekend of football....and Florida vs. Bama on Saturday. I don't know about you, but I am excited for that game.

A lot of amateur and public bettors were getting pounded on Monday night with the Packers as a bailout play. I hope none of my readers fall into this category. All regular readers of this blog should all know better. If you fall into this category and need some advice, please email me. I hate to see my readers attempting to bail themselves out on one of my picks. I don't like getting hateful comments or emails because a single play lose. That's very unwise and downright absurd. My plays should always be played based on my unit scale with "one unit" being a certain percentage of your bankroll; usually around 2.5 to 3% (at the most).

If you are playing with me this season, it was impossible for the Monday Night game, win or lose, to spoil our profitable weekend. But, then didn't help either. The referees looked like they were working for the books in Chicago on Monday

Anyway, I just stopped by today because I wanted to post my one small baseball total play for Wednesday night. I know I said I was done with the MLB regular season. But, I may occasionally play a late-season play if I see something that jumps out. So, I figured you would rather I posted the play then just keep it to myself. Be back tomorrow with a Thursday night college football play for Texas A&M and Oklahoma State...

Wednesday Night MLB Baseball Picks:
(Plays Are Rated On A 1 to 5 Unit Money Management Scale)

Pick: D-Backs @ Giants Under 7.5 (MLB)
Value: 2 Unit Play

Best of Luck Everyone!!!

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