Monday, May 4, 2009

Visionary's Free Sports Picks For Monday

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What do you know...Another profitable day of bases and I give it all back in the NBA. What a surprise. Just stop playing my NBA plays. They are disgraceful. I even watched both of my NBA plays go down the tubes yesterday and boy was it frustrating. Dirk is officially my least favorite player in the NBA. Talk about a player who can't do anything but shoot over poor defenders. I have never seen a player stand around on defense in the forth quarter of big games and be called a great player. No wonder they need 1,000 playoff games to get average sports fans to watch a single game. The NBA is atrocious and completely unwatchable. Going baseball only today...even though I really like the Rockets. LOL. Can I really lay off the NBA today? Alright, fine...I am playing 2-units on Houston. But, I got three baseball plays for Monday...

Monday's NBA Playoffs / Baseball Picks

Pick: Pittsburgh Pirates +135 (MLB)
Value: 4 Unit Play

Pick: Seattle Mariners -140 (MLB)
Value: 3 Unit Play

Pick: Houston Rockets +8 (NBA)
Value: 2 Unit Play

Pick: Baltimore Orioles +210 (NBA)
Value: 1 Unit Play

(Visionary's daily free sports picks are rated on a 1 to 5 unit scale)

Hope Everyone Had A More Profitable Weekend Then Me...

See ya all tomorrow...

Your Friend,

"The Visionary"

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