Friday, October 10, 2008

Two Worst Sports Betting Mistakes You Can Make

Sometimes the best way to be successful in sports betting isn't the positive step you can take, but avoiding a negative step. There are enough variables in sports betting that as hard as it is to make the right choice; it is just as difficult to avoid a bad mistake. With that in mind, here are the two worst sports betting mistakes you can make.

The Strong Finish Theory:
This theory works like this; you’ve had strong morning results winning either all or almost all of the games you bet on. Now you see the opportunity to have an incredible weekend if you can keep up this rate of success so you take your morning winnings and add it to what you were already going to bet on the afternoon or evening games in order to have one of the strongest betting weekends of your life. The problem with this theory is that although you may think of your morning as being a good morning over a number of different games, in truth each individual games needs to be evaluated on its own. If you have sub-par evening results, or even worse, you could lose any financial ground you gained during the morning. A smart football bettor never lets the results of one bet they've placed impact how much they bet on the next game.

Make-Up Bets & Chasing Losses:
Just as dangerous to the financial stability and health of a football bettor as the above mentioned theory, is the theory of make-up bets. Make-up bets are bets that are made to make-up for money lost earlier in the day or week. Suppose the scenario above is reversed and instead of having a wildly successful morning, you have an incredibly unsuccessful betting morning. The last thing you should do is then try to make it up by betting more on the afternoon or evening games to "make up" for your losses. Chasing bad bets with desperate bets is a sure way to lose a serious amount of money. The theory is that a bad weekend of football betting can be salvaged, but it rarely works out that way.

Having a good quality money management plan and sticking to it is the best way to both experience betting success as well as limiting losses as much as possible. Successful sports bettors are able to eliminate emotion from the betting process as much as possible. When people are betting to enhance their ego or to out of desperation, the bets they are making are usually not nearly as reliable as the ones they had planned out using the research they had done combined with the money management plan that they use.

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