Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Winning Weekend of Football Picks! The Visionary's Major League Baseball Picks For Tuesday Evening!

2008 MLB Baseball Picks Record: 52-42 (+60.70 Units)
2008 NFL Football Picks Record: 25-12 (+38.20 Units)
2008 NCAA Football Picks Record: 14-9 (+11.40 Units)

Good Afternoon Sports Bettors:

Sorry for the late post today as I was up real late watching both the NFL games. It was almost 1:00AM (EST) when our two-unit play on the over in the Broncos/Raiders finally came in to make Monday's card another profitable one. Aaron Rodgers was spectacular last night and this kid really deserves a lot of credit. I said it back in July....

"I really do believe this guy will be a special Quarterback when given the opportunity to show the Packers what he can do..."
-The Visionary (July 14, 2008)

I still do not believe that the problem with the Raiders is a personnel issue. I am not really sold on the coaching the Oakland. Mike Ditka was very critical of the Raiders play-calling last night and I was in complete agreement with him the entire night. That team has the talent to be successful, especially in that division. There is a serious lack of leadership there and it starts at the very top.

Another reason for the late post is that I was having a little bit of a difficult time handicapping the baseball board today. We are getting to that point where a large percentage of the teams aren't playing for anything (other then individual achievements). There is also lot of big home favorites today where the lines are just absurd. Although most of the plays that I like today are favorites, to lay a lot of this chalk would be completely irresponsible. I am not going to do that. On that note, lets take it easy tonight players. We had a pretty nice weekend of football. No reason to get crazy with the bases when 50% of the games on the schedule are completely meaningless. So, here are The Visionary's baseball picks for Tuesday.

Visionary's Baseball Picks For Tuesday Night:

Pick: Houston Astros -1.5 +100 (MLB)
Value: 3 Unit Play

Pick: St. Louis Cardinals +110 (MLB)
Value: 2 Unit Play

Pick: Atlanta Braves -110 (MLB)
Value: 2 Unit Play

(The Visionary's free sports picks are rated on a 1-5 unit scale)

Good Luck Everyone!

-The Visionary


Carl Williams said...

The Visionary owns!

The Visionary said...

You said it Carl...

-The Visionary

Stephen said...

Question: What is your feeling about parleys?

The Visionary said...


As you can probably tell by the late posts the past two days, you caught me at a busy time. Therefore, I can not answer your question in any lengthy detail at the moment. I will cover the topic of parlays and exotic bets down the road on this blog. I have a guest writer in mind who would make a very insightful addition to this blog and can drop lengthy explanations on topics like this. Again, that is a little bit down the road. After all, I will have to pay my guest writers. I plan on doing more things like this as this blog grows and begins to generate additional income outside my sports betting bankroll. I feel that moment is rapidly approaching as I am seeing a surge in the number of Visionary fans.

I will tell you that one thing is for sure; Parlays are sucker bets and should not be touched if you are serious about making money betting on sports. The bigger the parlay, the bigger the sucker bet. Parlays are a faster route to the house getting hold of your entire bankroll before you can do any damage to them. Parlay bets can be fun to replace the $20 in weekly lottery tickets that some people buy as your odds will increase of actually winning something. But, for the most part, you should not be putting a full percentage of your bankroll on any type of parlay wagers. It's not a wise investment and you are only increasing your odds of losing money. You will never see me advising parlays on this blog. Sweeps like we had on Tuesday are very rare, even for the best handicappers in the world. I think yesterday may have been our first sweep in at least a month.

Thanks for reading Stephen. I hope that I have made your baseball or football season more profitable this year. I also hope that you are achieving success in whatever you do. Never settle for second best.

-The Visionary

Stephen said...

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I am learning a lot but keeping my action small and betting your picks exclusively for now. Perhaps I will be able to make successful wagers of my own down the road but I tried to stray a bit from you last week and paid the price.
You have really turned my bankroll around though. I was down pretty big this year due to some bad betting on college ball week 1. Stumbled across your site and went from being several hundred in the red to nearly even. If things continue I may even make some money this year which would be great.
I will take your advice and lay off the parley bets. Again, I see you are busy so thanks for taking the time to respond and for giving such great betting advice. You definitely have a good eye for this stuff.

- Stephen

The Visionary said...


You're more then welcome. I am always willing to take time for my readers and answer any questions. Nothing makes me happier then to hear that I have made my readers money. I like hearing that I have helped someone out of a hole that they were put in by the "Brandon Langs" of the world. That was the goal when starting this blog and it will always remain the goal here. Although, it doesn't look like Wednesday is going to be a very good day due to Philadelphia.

It sounds like you are playing smart. Stick with it and never over-extend your wagers. There is no use loading up on one single game. It will only leave you broke or unsatisfied. The is no such thing as sure thing, no matter how many games in a row that I win or how good a play looks to you. The best way to beat the books is not by taking big shots at them or chasing big and fast payouts. The 75% of the sports betting industry is deception and that isn't mutually exclusive to handicapping services. Sportsbooks want you to chase big payouts and fast quick earnings by encouraging you to make high-risk & low reward wagers. Slowly and carefully pick your targets and throw calculated jabs at them, one game at a time. Give them the impression that they're not going to make money from you. I like to imagine that when I bet my games for the day, there is someone on the other end at the book, looking at my card and thinking, "Great, we're not making anything from him today". Finally, always make sure that you can afford to lose what you are betting.

I have a plethora of betting tips and advice to get players in a profitable mindset. I will keep posting them as I go. My goal is to attact an audence and when this blog starts generating some additional income from ads and such, I will make improvements that will make it a lot more interesting. I have big plans for this blog and those plan never include charging for picks.

If you ever have any questions, do not hesitate. I will always eventually find time to answer any questions. Also, please comment on any posts as much as you'd like. I really enjoy hearing from my readers. I will do my best to come up with the best picks possible and eventually offer up all the advice that can, in hopes of making my readers more experienced and wiser players.

Finally, do not sweat the bad day on Wednesday. There are a lot more winning days ahread.


-The Visionary

Anonymous said...

Thursday was another outstanding night for the Visionary!!!! like taking candy from a baby... Keep it up!!!! The Oggieman