Monday, September 8, 2008

The Visionary's Top Monday Night Football Picks (After Going 4-1 +9.7 Units On Sunday)

2008 MLB Baseball Picks Record: 52-42 (+60.70 Units)
2008 NFL Football Picks Record: 23-11 (+34.20 Units)
2008 NCAA Football Picks Record: 14-9 (+11.40 Units)

Hello My Sports Gambling Buddies:

Las Vegas books, local bookies, and online sportsbooks all got a little bit richer this Sunday....but so did The Visionary readers. Sunday was outstanding as it ended up making the weekend a very profitable one. The Visionary just continues to destroy the books. How did all the non-visionary following, chalk eating, suckers out there do? I will tell you how they did. They loaded up on road favorites like Cincinnati, Jacksonville and double-digit favorites like Kansas City and Indianapolis. I wonder if all those suckers enjoyed getting their asses handed to them with the Brandon Lang types? At least those guys can say "I lost my money playing picks from the 'Two for the Money' guy." What a piece of trash that guy is.

Stick with The Visionary and make some money this year. By the way, Sunday puts us over the 100 unit mark in just three months. That means the average $20 to $100 player would have made over $2,000 and average $50 to $250 player would have made over $5,000 off this blog in just three months of posting winners. (average dime player = $50,000 min profit). No handicapper or any Vegas sharp can do what I have been doing. I am not promising to stay this hot all of the time. However, if you aren't convinced that I know what I'm doing at this point, I don't know what will convince you and your probably just asking for some rip-off sports handicapping service to steal your money on a regular basis.

How halarious was that Atlanta game yesterday? I knew they would run through the pathetic Detroit defense, but 300 total yards on the ground, and almost two backs with 100-yard games. Enough is enough. I really enjoyed watching that game. What was I talking about yesterday? Oh yea, over-hyped teams. Here's one; The Cleveland Browns. Was that defense one of the worst defenses that you saw on Sunday or what? I think I saw about five teams with 5-11 (or worse) records who played much better defense then Cleveland did yesterday. Dallas looked like they were scrimmaging their practice squad. I think the last warm-up game on HBO's 'Hard Knocks' was closer then Sunday's game in Cleveland. The Browns a Superbowl contender? Please don't make me laugh. You have to be able to compete against the AFC's best to go to the Superbowl. Pittsburgh is going to chew that team up and spit them out twice this year (can you say 14 pt. favorite?). Romeo Crennel should start packing his bags now as Cleveland is the same ol' sorry ass Browns.

On the other hand, here are some teams that may have surprised some people yesterday and are worth mentioning; 1. Philadelphia Eagles (38-3) over St. Louis Rams, 2. Buffalo Bills (34-10) over (the over-hyped) Seattle Seahawks, 3. Carolina Panthers (26-24) 0ver San Diego Chargers, and the Chicago Bears (29-13) over Indianapolis Colts.

Obviously the Bills didn't surprise us and I honestly considered adding Philly (for 2 units) to the card on Sunday. I didn't want to over do things as we already had 16 units on the line. Average football bettors hate the first week of the NFL season. The Visionary loves it. Nothing like home dogs and double-digit dogs cashing in. Repeating what I said yesterday, Don't Buy Into NFL Media Pre-Season OR In-Season Hype... I am not going to give any tips or betting advice because yesterday's advice is worth repeating. If you haven't read yesterday's advice, read it right now before betting on Monday's NFL Picks and remember it. I will post my next blub of NFL betting advice with next Sunday's card. Here are the NFL picks for the Monday Night Football games....

Monday Night Football Week One NFL Picks:

Pick: Green Bay Packers (ML) -125 (NFL)
Value: 3 Unit Play

Pick: Denver @ Oakland Over 41 (NFL)
Value: 2 Unit Play

Pick: Oakland Raiders (ML) +130 (NFL)
Value: 1 Unit Play

(The Visionary's free sports picks are rated on a 1-5 unit scale)

Go cash these winners in....I need a nap....

-The Visionary


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog. Gonna track your picks with my centsports account and, if you pass the mustard, I'll use my big boy account on your plays.

I've used B-Lang before...what a clown.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add, nice work. Anybody who puts their neck out there, free or paid, gets my props.

The Visionary said...

HAHA. You can track these picks with whatever you want. The numbers don't lie...

MLB Baseball: 52-42 (+60.70 Units)
NFL Football: 25-12 (+38.20 Units)
NCAA Football: 14-9 (+11.40 Units)


Anonymous said...

+3.9 tonight. Raiders are still the Raiders, but it's a winning day.

The Visionary said...

Monday was 2-1 +4 Units (not 3.9)

You're damn right it's a winning day. When 5 units is your biggest play and you pick up 4 units on the day, it's a good day, period.