Saturday, September 13, 2008

Visionary's College Football Picks For Saturday!

2008 MLB Baseball Picks Record: 58-44 (+70.90 Units / 57%)
2008 NFL Football Picks Record: 25-12 (+38.20 Units / 68%)
2008 NCAA Football Picks Record: 18-10 (+20.00 Units / 64%)

Hello My College Football Betting Friends:

Happy college football Saturday everyone! I spent a lot of time handicapping the college football schedule in the past 24 hours, which is the reason for the later-then-usual post today. I hope everyone got on Friday night's 4-unit Baylor play as I couldn't have called that one any better last night. Washington State is a complete mess and I definitely owe the person who gave me that vital information a big 'Thank You'. Even though I posted South Florida at -2.5 last night, most people were not able to get this line. I am not going to take credit for this 2-unit win because I think most of my readers were not able to get this line. I actually got the line at 3.5 and bought a point, which is the reason I posted 2.5. But, I forgot to tell people how I got that line and I apologize for that. So, Friday's night's college football picks record was 1-1 (+1.8 units) and will be recorded as such.

As for Saturday, I am going to keep the post short as I plan to watch all of these games today and handicap the NFL schedule for tomorrow at the same time. Honestly, I barely looked at the NFL board all week, and this is not how I usually do things. I also didn't get very much sleep at all last night as I was in the college football handicapping zone. I also spent some time last night posting on the blog, answering some reader comments. You can view these posts below. I hope that they help some people become better handicappers. Due to the fact that I didn't get a lot of sleep, I am going to take a short nap before the college football action, and then immediately start looking over Sunday's NFL board when I get up to watch the games. A lot of the Saturday college football picks for today seem to be plays that are against the public action, which I think is a good thing. This also means that they may also be unpopular with my readers. However, I feel extremely confident in this card, especially in the two big plays. I really hope to keep this outstanding hot streak that we have been on alive and I hope that everyone gets on board for today. Anyway, here are The Visionary's college football picks for Saturday. I will be back tomorrow with my red hot NFL picks which are currently hitting a 68%, that's right, 68% winning clip!

Visionary's Big Saturday Card of NCAA Football Picks:

Pick: UCLA Bruins +8 (CFB)
Value: 5 Unit Play

Pick: Ohio State Buckeyes +12.5 (CFB)
Value: 4 Unit Play

Pick: Fresno State Bulldogs +2 (CFB)
Value: 3 Unit Play

Pick: Oregon Ducks -7.5 (CFB)
Value: 3 Unit Play

Pick: Virginia Cavaliers +10.5 (CFB)
Value: 2 Unit Play

(The Visionary's free sports picks are rated on a 1-5 unit scale)

Good luck today everyone and enjoy the college football action....

See you all tomorrow!

-The Visionary


The Visionary said...

Well guys, I'm human. This has been a nightmare of a start to Saturday. (I think BYU just scored again) Lets hope the OSU, Fresno, & the back half of card goes a lot better then the out. Hopefully we can get through the day with minimal damage and just get to Sunday. I'm feeling good about my NFL card that is just about ready. (I think BYU just scored again) Man, that was the wost 50unit play that I think I have ever bet. (I think BYU just scored again)

Stro said...

It happens.

I myself tried a move to minimize the damage of the UCLA loss by taking halftime action on the over of 23. I figured either UCLA would try and come back or else they would continue to stink it up and BYU would score (yet again). 23 points was a synch. It looked like the right play too when BYU scored another 17 in the third quarter. All that I needed was UCLA to score just once, I would win the halftime bet and I would pick up 2 units to make it a 3 unit loss instead of a 5 until loss. But UCLA would not score a td and would miss another FG so instead of losing 5 units on the game I lost 8 and lesson learned.
I expect that we won't win money every single week and what is really exciting is that I just lost 10 units and I'm still in the black on the year. Look forward to your NFL picks.

Anonymous said...

I'm REALLY looking forward to your NFL picks beause these picks were god awful. You actually lost sleep over these?

Virginia lost by 39
UCLA lost by 59
Oregon went into Double OT with a good Purdue team and could have lost that game.
Ohio State is down by 18 at half time with only 3 points.

We all have our bad days man but this was one of the worst I've seen from you. Dust yourself off and get back on track tomorrow in the NFL. Your better then this, stop forcing plays.

I thought there were a lot of better plays that you completely ignored today and I'm not really sure why. Oklahoma was one of them.

The Visionary said...

You actually lost sleep over these?

Yes, I work very hard on my picks. Every day can't be winning days.

stop forcing plays.

I do not feel like I forced yesterday's card at all. It was just bad handicapping. It happens to the best handicappers in the world.

I thought there were a lot of better plays that you completely ignored today and I'm not really sure why. Oklahoma was one of them.Hindsight is crystal clear 20/20. Sure there were a ton of better plays, including the other side of all my plays.

Virginia lost by 39
UCLA lost by 59
Oregon went into Double OT with a good Purdue team and could have lost that game.
Ohio State is down by 18 at half time with only 3 points.

I watched the games. I can see the scores. Please don't tell me that Oregon could have lost that game. They could have easily covered that spread too. It makes no difference. A loss is a loss. I really don't need additional criticism from you. It's not that I have a problem with criticism at all, but I don't see your comments on the other 75-100 winning posts on this blog. Nor do I see your comments on the days where I went 5-0 days. I also hope you aren't the same anonymous poster that was flooding this blog late Saturday. I had to delete a shit load of flood posts. I do my best here and I don't like losing money either I especially don't like losing money for other people.

-The Visionary

The Visionary said...

Hey Stephen,

Thank you very much for the vote of confidence. I really do appreciate it!!

-The Visionary