Monday, July 14, 2008

The Visionary's Home Run Derby Picks

Here are the current odds from BetUS Sportsbook (100% bonus when using this link) for tonight's Baseball Home Run Derby:

Lance Berkman +375
Chase Utley +450
Dan Uggla +700

Josh Hamilton +350
Ryan Braun +700
Grady Sizemore +500
Evan Longoria +750
Justin Morneau +450

There are a lot of new faces in this Derby making it the hardest in years to predict. The lack of big name players in this derby is the result of this thing not being as popular then it was in the past. Maybe the truth is that with steroids out of baseball for good, nobody wants to embarrass themselves in front of a national audience...

The Visionary thinks that the safest bet would be Lance Berkman as he has the most experience in this thing and was very close to winning it in 2004. If history has told us anything about the Home Run Derby, it is that experience goes a long way.

Therefore, The Visionary will go with Lance Berkman +375 & Justin Morneau +450 for two small plays. Remember, this is All-Star weekend and you should not be betting anything heavy. Enjoy the homers tonight!

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