Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Roulette Workers Insult Casino Patrons

Source: Bodog Beat

Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut saw nine women get insulted in Spanish by the two men working a roulette wheel last September. Now, there’s a lawsuit. You’re shocked? Yes, so are we.

The women sat down to have good time and play some roulette when one of the men said to the other, “Great, we have a bunch of dumb broads that don't know how to play.” And then he got really rude, digressing into some good old fashioned Spanish name-calling that included referring to one of them as a lesbian (not the nice term for lesbian) and then going on to suggest that they wanted to make love to one of them (also, not the nice term for love making).

Here’s the crazy part, one of the women actually spoke Spanish! Wow, imagine that, an American who speaks Spanish. Actually what’s most surprising is that only one of the nine did. What a couple of idiots. They should really be downgraded from Roulette to Keno.

So the women complained to the casino and the casino basically said, “Oh my that’s awful. Here are some VIP passes to a lounge and some free scrambled eggs.”

The ladies became insulted by the offer of eggs as compensation and attorney Arnold Kriss was brought in. Kriss determined that the casino employee’s rude words are worth half a million to each plaintiff for the humiliation they endured – even though only one of them actually understood it. Hell, maybe they should be suing their Spanish speaking friend for telling them what was said. Without her there never would have been any humiliation.

Anyway, this thing could be held up in court for years as the Foxwoods casino, which is owned by the Mashantucket Pequot Indians, claims sovereign immunity and that this would have to be tried in its own tribal court. So it’s looking like there will be a court battle to decide which court the next battle will take place in. And who wins? That’s right folks, the lawyers.

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